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Having AI-based solutions integrated into your business, firm, or company operations gives a tremendous boost to your business. Your business stand to have straightforward, faster, enhanced productivity and more customer retention. And this is simply what we love to do for your business at Cryptoggy Enterprises. We are an AI solutions service provider located in India and provide AI-based solutions globally. We assist in building AI platforms and end-to-end business automation that modernizes your workspace and reduces the cost of dependence on manpower. These range from designing chatbots to walk your clients through your AI-based platforms to have a beautiful experience and creating procedural automation to eliminate repetitive tasks. Also designing human-decision solutions- a system that thinks and learns like a human.
We achieve these feats with AI solutions like deep learning, image recognition, speech recognition, machine learning, text analysis, Natural Language Processing, and some others. Our services range from developing, customization, implementation, integration of AI solutions, and consulting and support services.

Why You need our Artificial Intelligence Services

Updated software and Firewalls
Reduced cost of cybersecurity services
Ensured protection of data and assets
Full compliance with security rules and regulations

Branches of AI we Engage In

Machine Learning

Our machine learning algorithms enable machines to access and self-learn, interpret, detect, and identify patterns just as humans do from given data without human interventions.

Robotics Process Automation

Our experts design automated solutions that assist in carrying out repetitive processes based on given data. Thus, helping several tech companies increase their ROI.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our experts have advanced level expertise in Natural Processing Technology that makes machines understand what humans say and then makes decisions on them.

Visual Processing

We design visual solutions that are capable of detecting, analyzing, synthesizing, and identifying patterns.

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Deep Learning

Our developers utilize multi-facets Artificial neural networks in designing deep learning systems in making intelligent decisions.

Virtual systems

We engage in the design of virtual agents or solutions that assist in understanding and interpreting Human portrayed actions, to better customer experiences.

Predictive Analytics

We use ML technology and analytical tools to leverage on tons of that to predict accurate future outcomes

Natural Language Generation(NLG)

We design NLG apps based on AI technology to transform data to text readable by humans.

Why hire Our AI solutions Experts?

Client-centric Strategy

Our developers always aim to satisfy clients by designing scalable and intelligent solutions that suit your business operations.

Round the clock support

We provide full-time support and maintenance for our client’s AI solutions and platforms wherever they are and on a 24/7 basis.

Data Protection

We value our clients and thus honor all Non-disclosure agreements on all forms of data.

World-Class AI Developers

Our AI developers and data scientists regularly get acquainted with the latest technologies in the industry that aid the designing of intelligent and AI-driven solutions for seamless automation for your business and organizational operations.

Affordable Price

We offer a realistic pricing system compared to our competitors and negligible to the amount lost in a case of cyberattacks.


We assist in the upgrade of firewalls and antiviruses and maintenance processes of your digital systems security solutions.

Cybersecurity Audit

A cybersecurity audit is a bonus we give our clients. We make sure that all your digital infrastructures are secured.

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Industries we Serve

Our AI solutions are not limited to any industry. Our clients come from various industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Law, Manufacturing and Construction, E-commerce, Telecommunications, Engineering, Media, and Education.
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